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From Sinking to One-of-a-Kind Sailboat - Catalina 30 Restoration

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

I bought Ayidah, my 1977 Catalina 30, In September of 2019, and since then, have put in countless hours bringing her from this:

to this:

During the 15 months she was on the hard (and more months of work in the water), I spent all my extra hours covered in fiberglass dust, and certainly didn't have time to share the projects I completed in depth. After completing most of the restoration, I shared a short start to finish video on my Instagram and a couple Facebook groups, and received lots of positive responses and questions about the work I'd done. I love the idea of further documenting all the work I've done, both for myself, and for others undertaking similar projects (or with dreams of undertaking any big project!). So, here we are.

In this space I'll share many of the projects I completed, some that I've yet to complete, and some of my travels (aboard Ayidah and otherwise). In the meantime, here's the video that I mentioned earlier. Subscribe to get new posts!




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