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Meet s/v Ayidah

Ayidah is an electric 1977 Catalina 30. I like to refer to her as the most custom Catalina 30 ever. I'm not sure that's actually true, but given the major changes and upgrades I've made to this popular production boat, it can't be far from the truth.

I bought and named her in September 2019 and shortly after began a long 18-month sailboat restoration. I loved the idea of taking a boat that was bound for the bottom of the ocean or a junk yard and making her new again. I named her "Ayidah," which means "visitor who returns."

Meet Heather

I'm Heather -  mom, singer, photographer and sailor in the US Virgin Islands. I love boat work almost as much as I love sailing and I just completed a huge restoration on my Catalina 30. We live aboard our boat at anchor.

We're originally from Georgia, where I grew up on Lake Lanier. But I didn't start sailing until I moved to the Virgin Islands. I love the strength, capability and focus that I feel while sailing, and I love sharing that with my son. 



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